Yıl 2018, Cilt 4, Sayı 1, Sayfalar 1 - 26 2018-01-25

Verbal Noun and Inflected Verb

Mhemed Abdulfettah Mehwi [1] , Aryan Sdiq Aziz [2]

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Verbal noun is recorded in dictionary and its inflection process occurs in syntax. Producing inflected verb that has tense and person is found in syntax. Morphology is a system for creating new words for new things. Analyses have shown that internal structure of verbal nouns important inclitic division (subject and object) and inflectional pronouns in a complicated verb. The inflection is in syntax, in association with morphosyntax. So, inflection is morphosyntactic inside syntax. For past inflection, we take the tense base from the dictionary. While for present, we take the root then we bring tense and person. Dictionary, word creation morphology and syntax are interrelated. In this way, segmental changes are phonological and occur in the mind. Verb inflection categories are person, tense, aspect and mood. They are in complementary distribution in terms of: singular and plural, past and present, perfective and imperfective, indicative and uncertainty. Their structured, which are used, are:

1.       Person: singular and plural

2.       Tense: past /-a/, /y\i-/, /w\u-/, /d-/, /t-/ .and present /de-/.

3.       Aspect: each of the linguists Mhamed Mehwi, Wrya Omar Amin and Mahmud Fathulla divided aspect into perfective, imperfective and progressive. However, through analysis and discussion of examples, it has been obvious that aspect is of two types in Kurdish language.The researcher follows the latter conclusion:

a.                   Perfective

b.                   Imperfective (Continuous), Progressive (close) and far.

Tense and aspect, which are the verbal inflectional categories, are parts of tense. Tense determines past and present, but aspect determines its perfectness and imperfectness.

4.                   Mood: Indicative\informative

uncertainty (structural, subjunctive, imperative and request)

Verbal Noun, Inflected Verb, Kurdish Linguistics, Kurdish
  • ١- ئەبوبەکر عومەر قادر، بەراوردێکی مۆرفۆسینتاکسی لە زمانى کوردی و فارسیدا، نامەى دکتۆرا(بڵاونەکراوە)، زانکۆى سلێمانیی، ٢٠٠٣ ٢- بێستوون حەسەن ئەحمەد، کۆمەڵەوشەو پێکەوەهاتن لە زمانى کوردییدا، نامەى دکتۆرا، زانکۆى سلێمانیی- کۆلێژی زمان، ٢٠١١ ٣- عەبدولجەبار مستەفا مەعروف، گۆڤارى زانکۆى سلێمانیی، B، ژ.٣٨ (٢٠١٣) ٤- محەمەدی مەحویی، بنەماكانی سینتاكسی كوردیی، بەرگی یەكهەم، زانکۆی سلێمانیی، ٢٠١٠ ٥- محەمەدی مەحویی، شكانەوەی كردار،زانکۆى سلێمانیی، ٢٠١٠ ٦- محەمەدی مەحویی، كاروان عومەر قادر، شییلان عومەر حسێن. دروستەى کردار، زانکۆى سلێمانیی، ٢٠١٠
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Yazar: Mhemed Abdulfettah Mehwi (Sorumlu Yazar)
E-posta: mhemedmehwi@yahoo.com
Ülke: Iraq

Yazar: Aryan Sdiq Aziz (Sorumlu Yazar)
E-posta: aryan.sdiq@gmail.com
Ülke: Iraq

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